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Collage Jeans

Collage Jeans

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Custom Patchworked jeans 

Flared look straight cut

The edges of each patch will fray over time and look more like the second jean giving your denims multiple looks as time goes on



How long will my order take to complete
    • Pre-made items will ship within 1 week of purchase 
    • Made to Order Items will be completed within 5 business weeks and shipped within a week of completion due to quality checks. 
    • Because items are made to order - completion time may vary against expectation. In order to avoid disappointment, we advise not to order for anything last minute or specific events with the expectation that orders can be rushed.

How long will my order take to ship

From completion, shipping times vary between countries and regions, some of the typical shipping times are shown below

    • UK Shipping : 3 Days
    • Europe : 7 Days
    • USA and Rest of the world : 10 Days

Customs Charges

    • Customers are responsible for the customs import fees unless otherwise stated. (There are no customs fees for orders inside the UK)
    • Refusal to pay customs will not result in a refunded order

Returned Packages

    • If orders are returned to us there are 2 options, the price of the item in store credit or the item sent out again after shipping fees have been paid again
    • Packages are returned when there are issues with the address, or when the delivery is missed and not rescheduled. To prevent this it is recommended that the address is double checked and correct

Lost Parcels

    • Once your package has been shipped out, we have no control over the shipment of your package, be sure to contact royal mail to find out the location of your package.
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